Current Collaborations

The Ken Kennedy Institute's Current Collaborations

The Ken Kennedy Institute is dedicated to creating lasting impact in the community. We partner with a multitude of organizations in academia, industry, and across the Houston AI, data, and computing ecosystem to tackle complex challenges and advance research through events and collaborations.


Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare (AAIH)

  • The Ken Kennedy Institute leadership serves on the Board of Directors for AAIH, a global advocacy organization dedicated to the discovery, development, and delivery of better solutions to improve patient lives and create more efficient, sustainable, and accessible healthcare systems through responsible AI applications. The AAIH also acts as an Ecosystem Partner to promote advancements, challenges, and possibilities of artificial intelligence in healthcare and public health.


  • BioHouston and the Ken Kennedy Institute aim to support each other through promoting events and collaborations that encourage discoveries and commercial development in the life sciences industry.

Biokind Analytics

  • The Ken Kennedy Institute supports Biokind Analytics through mentorship and guidance on how to apply data science to real-world applications in nonprofit organizations to boost their impact and improve efficiency.

Center for Research Computing (CRC)

  • The Ken Kennedy Institute, in partnership with Rice’s Office of Information Technology’s (OIT) Center for Research Computing (CRC), supports the computational research needs of Rice faculty members and users. We continue to meet and advise the CRC leadership on potential opportunities to fund and build Rice’s shared cyberinfrastructure.

Center for Transforming Data to Knowledge Lab (D2K)

  • D2K and the Ken Kennedy Institute collaborate to support events that focus on interdisciplinary data science applications. D2K has also participated in conferences hosted by the Institute to promote student research and address how data science impacts equity and bias in healthcare applications.

Educational and Research Initiatives for Collaborative Health (ENRICH)

  • Our collaborations with ENRICH enable the Ken Kennedy Institute to take part in crucial conversations, workshops, and partnerships that bridge Rice University to innovative research developing in the Texas Medical Center.

Greater Houston Partnership

  • The Ken Kennedy Institute leadership is serving on the GHP’s Life Science Committee to aid in building the presence of life science in Houston. Additionally, GHP supports the Institute as an Ecosystem Partner to promote our events and exchange ideas for future collaborations to benefit the Houston community.

Gulf Coast Consortia (GCC)

  • The Gulf Coast Consortia supports the Ken Kennedy Institute as an Ecosystem Partner for our conferences and lectures, expanding our reach to translational scientists, researchers, clinicians, and students in the biomedical science community.

Houston Community College (HCC)

  • The Ken Kennedy Institute provides educational and training opportunities for HCC students to participate in conferences and boot camps. The Institute was also an inaugural sponsor of HCC’s Artificial Intelligence & The Future of Houston Conference.

Houston Methodist

  • We connect Rice faculty with Houston Methodist researchers through seed funding and workshops that bridge artificial intelligence and machine learning with applications in healthcare. We aim to foster innovative research by funding projects related to robotics, imaging, and nursing. Press release here.

LF AI & Data Foundation

  • The Ken Kennedy Institute is a member of the LF AI & Data Foundation, which builds and supports an open AI and data community, and drives open source innovation in the AI and data domains by enabling collaboration and the creation of new opportunities for all the members of the community.

Medical Humanities Research Institute

  • The Ken Kennedy Institute is serving on the new Medical Humanities Research Institute’s Advisory Board to support the institute’s commitment to exploring human experiences with health, illness, and disparity through physician-patient communication, historical context, and technological advancements.

Menninger Clinic

  • We partner with Menninger Clinic to bring artificial intelligence and machine learning research to mental health applications. We plan to host an upcoming workshop with Menninger Clinic and hope to continue our educational collaborations through lecture opportunities.

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

  • The Institute’s relationship with the UT MD Anderson Cancer Center is built on discussions of how AI and data science influence operations research and cancer treatment, including a series of D3CODE projects to progress cancer research during the COVID-19 pandemic. Press release here.


Technology, Culture, and Society Initiative

  • The Ken Kennedy Institute co-sponsors the Technology, Culture, and Society Lecture Series. These lectures focus on social, political, and legal issues that have emerged from the information revolution that touches most aspects of our daily lives

Graduate Fellowship Industry Sponsors

The Ken Kennedy Institute at Rice University is proud to collaborate with industry leaders and Rice affiliates to offer one-year graduate fellowships available to graduate students pursuing research related to high performance computing, computational science & engineering, data science, and machine learning at Rice University. Learn more here.

Conference Committees

The Ken Kennedy Institute collaborates with industry professionals from a myriad of companies, national labs, and hospital systems to put on the Energy High Performance Computing Conference and the AI in Health Conference. Each committee assists in developing conference session themes, coordinating highly-anticipated invited speakers, and selecting technical talks from abstract submissions to create conferences that address relevant challenges and highlight cutting-edge discoveries.

Energy HPC Conference Committee

AI in Health Conference Committee

Data Science Coast to Coast

The Data Science Coast to Coast Lecture Series is hosted jointly by seven academic data science institutes, including the Ken Kennedy Institute, to foster a broad-reaching data science community through an insightful speaker series on the transformative use of data science in traditional research disciplines, future breakthroughs in data science research, data science entrepreneurship, advocacy and national policies. This collaboration also enabled an Executive Leadership Forum to discuss data science trends across the institutes. The lecture series is expected to pick back up in 2023.

Collaborate With Us

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Past Collaborations


Liu Idea Lab for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Lilie)

  • In collaboration with Lilie, IBB, SCI, and the Provost’s Office, the Rice Innovation Fellows Program launched in late 2021 to support graduate students and faculty in translating their research into real-world impact for industry needs. The Innovation Fellows program combines personalized mentorship and equity-free funding to catalyze the next generation of world-changing, scientist-led companies. After only 2.5 months of the program, three Innovation Fellows qualified for the coveted six spots at the Napier Rice Launch Challenge Championship in April 2022.

The Carpentries

  • The Ken Kennedy Institute collaborated with the Fondren Library Research Data Services and the Center for Research Computing to be a supporting member of The Carpentries, a global non-profit organization that builds global capacity in essential data and computational skills for conducting efficient, open, and reproducible research by developing openly accessible lessons, training instructors to lead inclusive, interactive workshops, and helping to coordinate these workshops. We were able to advance our shared goal of enabling members of the Rice community — particularly graduate students — to develop computational skills through three online two-day workshops held by Rice University in 2021.


The Rice Ken Kennedy Institute is located on the campus of Rice University inside Duncan Hall. Click the map below for directions.

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