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Welcome to the Ken Kennedy Institute. The Institute, established in 1987, is dedicated to solving critical global challenges with collaborative approaches that focus on innovations in artificial intelligence, data, and computing. The Ken Kennedy Institute is the virtual home of over two hundred faculty members and senior researchers at Rice University spanning computer science, mathematics, statistics, engineering, natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, business, architecture, and music. We develop academic, industry, and community partnerships in the computational sciences. We are continually seeking out new opportunities for collaboration and research, email us today to learn more at kenkennedy@rice.edu.

The Ken Kennedy Institute Impact

We enable new conversations that drive interdisciplinary research in artificial intelligence, data, and computing. We develop new technology that serves society and advances the current and future workforce. Our partnerships promote innovation and entrepreneurship across academia, industry, and the community.

Our Members are Renowned Researchers Moving the Needle in Innovation

We collaborate with various Institute's throughout Rice University.

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The Rice Ken Kennedy Institute is located on the campus of Rice University inside Duncan Hall. Click the map below for directions.

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Rice University
Ken Kennedy Institute
6100 Main Street, MS39
Houston, Texas 77005


Phone: 713-348-5823
Email: kenkennedy@rice.edu

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