Data Science Coast to Coast Seminar Series

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Data Science Coast to Coast Lecture Series is hosted jointly by seven academic data science institutes and provides a unique opportunity to foster a broad-reaching data science community. Speakers include important figures in data science who will provide insight on the transformative use of data science in traditional research disciplines, future breakthroughs in data science research, data science entrepreneurship, and advocacy and national policies for a data-enabled and just society. The series will also include faculty members and postdoctoral fellows at the seven host universities whose research spans the theory and methodology of data science, and their application in arts and humanities, engineering, biomedical, natural, physical and social sciences.

Hosted by: Institute for Data Intensive Engineering and Science at John Hopkins, NYU Center for Data Science, Ken Kennedy Institute at Rice University, Stanford Data Science, Berkeley Institute for Data Science, Michigan Institute for Data Science, and the eScience Institute at University of Washington


  • Lydia Kavraki, Director of the Ken Kennedy Institute and Professor of Computer Science, Rice University and Angela Radulescu, Moore-Sloan Faculty Fellows, Center for Data Science, New York University (Mar 17, 2021)
    • Lydia Kavraki presenting "Robotics in the Data Science Era"
    • Angela Radulescu presenting "Towards Naturalistic Task Representation in Health and Disease"