Recruiting Fellowships

In addition to the Ken Kennedy Institute's Industry Sponsored Fellowships, the Ken Kennedy Institute Computational Science and Engineering Graduate Recruiting Fellowships are provided to support the recruitment of outstanding graduate students to select departments in the George R. Brown School of Engineering and the Wiess School of Natural Sciences at Rice University.

The goal of the fellowship program is to help attract exceptional graduate students to Rice University in the fields of computational science and engineering, high performance computing, and data analytics, with special consideration given to students with research interests in areas of relevance to the energy industry.

The Ken Kennedy Institute Recruiting Fellowships will be awarded annually by the Ken Kennedy Institute during the admission process and are based on nominations from the department/program to which the graduate student applied.

Each Ken Kennedy Institute Recruiting Fellowship is an enhancement fellowship that provides a stipend enhancement in the amount of $15,000, paid in monthly installments over four years. Fellowships are in addition to regular department/graduate advisor support. Ongoing fellowship support will depend upon the candidate’s satisfactory academic performance and reasonable progress toward their degree.

The Ken Kennedy Institute Recruiting Fellowships are jointly funded by the Ken Kennedy Institute and the nominating department. The fellowship will carry the name of the specific entity that provided the funding to the Ken Kennedy Institute. The Institute is currently receiving support for this program from the annual Energy High Performance Computing Conference hosted by the Ken Kennedy Institute at Rice University.

Fellowship nomination process:

Departments across science and engineering at Rice University are required to submit a letter of nomination summarizing the candidate’s qualifications along with the candidate’s application portfolio. A single department can submit up to 3 (three) outstanding graduate student applicants that fit the overarching objectives for the Ken Kennedy Institute Recruiting Fellowships. The nominations must be received by the Ken Kennedy Institute no later than the deadline for the submission year.

The application submission opens January of each year.

For additional information, please contact the Ken Kennedy Institute at

Past Recipients:

2022-2026 - Four Year Award

  • Brianna Barrow, Computer Science
  • Alyssa Cantu, Computer Science
  • Rose Graves, Statistics
  • Kevin McCoy, Statistics
  • John Steinman, Computational Applied Mathematics & Operations Research
  • Ria Stevens, Computer Science
  • Xiaoyu (Rosie) Zhu, Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences

2021-2025 - Four Year Award

  • Kelsey Murphy, Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences
  • Jose Palacio, Statistics
  • Xinyu (Xin) Yao, Computer Science

2020-2024 - Four Year Award

  • Kristen Curry, Computer Science
  • Raul Garcia, Computational & Applied Mathematics
  • Bryant Jerome, Applied Physics
  • Mirae (Sunny) Kim, Computer Science
  • Camille Little, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Naiming (Lucy) Liu, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Catherine Tuppen, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Cameron Wolfe, Computer Science
  • Tiancheng Xu, Computer Science

2019-2023 - Four Year Award

  • Alejandro Nicolas Diaz, Computational & Applied Mathematics
  • Yilei Fu, Computer Science
  • Christina G. Taylor, Computational & Applied Mathematics
  • John Zito, Statistics

2018-2022 - Four Year Award

  • Kyle Busse, Computational & Applied Mathematics
  • Yujie (Jeffrey) Jiang, Statistics
  • Maryam Khalid, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • William Lewis, Computer Science
  • Alex Macklin, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Yuxin Tang, Computer Science

2017-2021 - Four Year Award

  • Nathaniel Kroeger, Computational & Applied Mathematics
  • Nigel Tan, Computational & Applied Mathematics
  • Teresa Tse, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Keren Zhou, Computer Science

2016-2020 - Four Year Award

  • Jonas Actor, Computational & Applied Mathematics
  • Andrew Wells, Computer Science

2015-2019 - Four Year Award

  • Temitayo Ajayi, Computational & Applied Mathematics
  • Jeff Dudek, Computer Science
  • Indu Manickam, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Rebecca Smith, Computer Science
  • Jasper Tan, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Robert Weylandt, Statistics
  • Yabin Zhang, Computational & Applied Mathematics

2014-2016 - Two Year Award

  • Michael Anderson, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • C.J. Barberan, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Frankie Camacho, Computational & Applied Mathematics
  • Thomas Klotz, Computational & Applied Mathematics
  • Gary Linkevich, Earth Science
  • Minh Nguyen, Electrical & Computer Engineering

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