Rice’s Lydia Kavraki to lead Ken Kennedy Institute

Rice’s Lydia Kavraki to lead Ken Kennedy Institute

Rice University computer scientist Lydia Kavraki has been named director of Rice’s Ken Kennedy Institute, a 160-member institute that plays a key role in transforming Rice’s research landscape.

Kavraki, a renowned leader in both computational robotics and computational biomedicine, is Rice’s Noah Harding Professor of Computer Science and a professor of bioengineering, electrical and computer engineering and mechanical engineering. She succeeds University Professor Moshe Vardi, who has directed the Ken Kennedy Institute since 2001 and is now establishing a campuswide Initiative on Technology, Culture and Society


Link: http://news.rice.edu/2019/09/03/rices-lydia-kavraki-to-lead-ken-kennedy-institute/


The Rice Ken Kennedy Institute is located on the campus of Rice University inside Duncan Hall. Click the map below for directions.

Rice Map


Rice University
Ken Kennedy Institute
6100 Main Street, MS-39
Houston, Texas 77005


Phone: 713-348-5823
Email: kenkennedy@rice.edu

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