Kenji Takizawa to receive Japan's JSPS Prize

Kenji Takizawa, adjunct professor of mechanical engineering (MECH) at Rice University

Kenji Takizawa, adjunct professor of mechanical engineering (MECH) at Rice University, will receive the JSPS Prize from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

A professor of MECH at Waseda University in Tokyo, Takizawa works at Rice with the research group of Tayfun Tezduyar, the James F. Barbour Professor of MECH and co-leader (with Takizawa) of the Team for Advanced Flow Simulation and Modeling.

Takizawa earned his Ph.D. from the Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2005, joined Rice in 2007 as a research associate, later became a research scientist, and assumed his Waseda faculty position in 2011. His research focuses on computational fluid mechanics and fluid-structure interaction. The JSPS honored Takizawa for his work on “New-Generation Computational Methods and Analyses of Flow Between Solid Surfaces in Contact.”

As a prize Takizawa will receive 1.1 million yen, which amounts to slightly more than $10,000. He is one of 25 recipients out of 426 nominees in all disciplines this year.

Takizawa has developed methods for the computational analysis of fluid-structure interactions, fluid-object and fluid-particle interactions, free-surface flows and two-fluid interfaces. Among the applications for his research are spacecraft parachutes, cardiovascular flow analysis, wing aerodynamics with the wing motion extracted from video recordings of locusts in a wind tunnel, and flow analysis around a tire with road contact.




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