June 1, 2021 Newsletter

June 1 2021

Take a look at our June 1, 2021, Newsletter with updates from the Ken Kennedy Institute.

Member of the Month, Dr. Kirsten Siebach, is an Assistant Professor of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences. She researches "source-to-sink" sedimentary processes on Mars and early Earth to interpret the history of water and surface environments early in our solar system. She is currently a member of the Science and Operations Teams for the Mars Science Laboratory rover Curiosity, and previously worked on the science and engineering teams for the Phoenix Lander and the two Mars Exploration Rovers.

How do you explain your research in one sentence?
I study the sedimentary rock record of Mars to learn what the landscape and climate were like billions of years ago, and compare ancient Mars to ancient Earth to understand both planets better.

What is your favorite aspect of your research?
I see ancient Mars as a puzzle and my favorite moments are when we get enough observations from the Mars rovers to piece together part of the story of what was happening. I also really love science communication and sharing the amazing pictures and data from Mars with students and the public.

What is a favorite experience with the Ken Kennedy Institute?
I really enjoyed a “lightning talk” Ken Kennedy Institute event last February- it was great to be able to meet with faculty from across the University and see how our research is connected.

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Data Science Coast to Coast Ocean Dynamics Seminar

Date: June 16, 2:00 - 3:00 PM CST

The DS C2C Seminar Series, hosted jointly by seven academic data science institutes, provides a unique opportunity to foster a broad-reaching data science community.

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ARL Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowships

Due: June 15, 2021 at 5 PM EST
The Army Research Laboratory invites exceptional young researchers to participate in this excitement as ARL Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellows. These Fellows must display extraordinary ability in scientific research and show clear promise of becoming outstanding leaders. Candidates are expected to have already successfully tackled a major scientific or engineering problem during their thesis work or to have provided a new approach or insight, evidenced by a recognized impact in their field. Benefits include: $100,000/year stipend, health insurance, paid relocation, professional travel allowance.
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