Kavraki Named to Academic Influence List of 35 Highly Influential Women in Engineering

To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day 2021, AcademicInfluence.com has spotlighted 35 women who are making their impact felt in every area of the engineering field.


The influencers featured include groundbreaking roboticists, founders of high-tech companies and medical experts. They are CEOs, professors, and astronauts, working to improve our world, from building nanostructures to forging pathways to the stars. These women steer the course of engineering toward far-reaching and exciting horizons. They are at the top of the engineering field today, as leaders and innovators; transforming the profession and inspiring future engineering students.

“Engineering has a reputation as a mostly male profession. We want to set the record straight and let more people know that women engineers are not only growing in number; but also are driving the field forward in new and creative ways. They bring innovative thinking and bold solutions that make their profession better; and more people need to know who they are and see why they are the vanguard of a new era in engineering,” stated Dr Jed Macosko, Academic Director of AcademicInfluence.com and Professor of Physics at Wake Forest University.

On this International Women in Engineering Day, “we wanted to point the next generation to the leaders and mentors they need to seek out; the role models they can emulate; and the women whose foundational work they may one day build upon,” added Macosko. “Our goal is to raise awareness of those leaders in engineering who rightly deserve attention; and who can serve as guides to young people as they aspire to their own meaningful contributions within the engineering profession.”

  • Lydia Kavraki: Greek-American computer scientist; the Noah Harding Professor of Computer Science, a professor of bioengineering, electrical and computer engineering and mechanical engineering at Rice University. She is also the Director of the Ken Kennedy Institute at Rice University. She is known for her work on robotics/AI and bioinformatics/computational biology.

For the full list of women in engineering, visit the below link.

Link: https://academicinfluence.com/rankings/people/influential-women-engineers


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