Introducing Rice's Master of Electrical and Computer Engineering (MECE) Program to future students

Faculty and Program Administrators meet virtually with students to highlight course offerings for the MECE program


Starting this Spring, the Rice ECE professional master's program had a name change to the Master of Electrical and Computer Engineering (MECE). Course Administrator Nyetta Meaux, along with faculty advisors Joseph Young and Michael Orchard, and Director of the Engineering Professional Master's Programs, Agustina Fernandez-Moya, have been meeting with students virtually to help prepare the next class of students for this rigorous program.

The program name change reflects the revitalization of the professional master's program within ECE, ensuring that graduates are prepared for a career in today's industry. In-person and online classes are complemented with capstone projects that give graduating students a competitive edge with hands-on learning experiences and projects they can highlight to potential employers. Students with a MECE degree graduate with a strong practical knowledge of electrical and computer engineering.

Starting earlier this year, current and future students focus their capstone projects on data science, computer engineering, or wireless communications. While the projects will focus on these areas, admitted students are able to take courses with a variety of faculty who fall into any of Rice ECE's core research areas, enabling students to learn about an assortment of electrical and computer engineering disciplines.

Prof. Young and Prof. Orchard focused on the plethora of course options for students along with the research projects that current MECE students are participating in on the Zoom call, while Nyetta Meaux and Agustina Fernandez-Moya highlighted the community support put in place for new MECE students.

Many of the support systems put in place are through the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) at Rice, which provides orientation and support for students who are joining Rice from abroad. During Covid-19, MECE Faculty and Staff, along with OISS, allowed for flexibility and helped students who needed to participate in remote learning, whether based in the US or overseas. Rice faculty and staff also pulled their resources to help with students looking for internships and work placements after graduation, both remote and in-person opportunities.

Lastly, the MECE leadership team highlighted the reputation of a Rice ECE degree, with many companies viewing Rice graduates as future leaders within electrical and computer engineering. Many Texas and US-based companies actively participate in recruiting and networking events geared toward Rice graduate students. Students enrolled in MECE are provided the opportunity to participate in these networking events to showcase their projects and meet prospective employers.

While Fall 2021 enrollment is currently closed, interested future students who would like to learn more about the program are encouraged to visit the MECE program page or email

Interested in viewing the video yourself, visit our Rice ECE YouTube Channel



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